For any organization, good governance and integrity is an essential prerequisite for remaining competitive today and growing sustainability in the future. The key lies in its execution careful planning and innovation. Innovative initiatives can be developed through lessons learned, research and success stories of organizations practicing good governance.

Journal of Governance and Integrity (JGI) is willing to be a knowledge and experience sharing platform for both academia and industry. JGI is a peer-reviewed journal publishing high quality articles in the areas of governance, integrity and other related disciplines. Submitted manuscripts may address the subthemes listed below, but is not confined to only these themes.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Human Rights in Business
  • Risk Management
  • Human Governance
  • Syariah Governance
  • Sustainability Reporting
  • Economic Inequality
  • Ethics & Culture in Business

The journal accept manuscripts only in English.




FGIC is located in the Faculty of Industrial MAnagement (FIM) UMP. It will provide the softer side of human value to a technology led university. It hopes to champion issues of governance and integrity which are pertinent to local and international community. FGIC hopes to share with the industry the products and services it offers.


Faculty of Industrial Management

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Faculty of Industrial Management (FIM) has distinguished itself from among many business faculties. It strives to nurture future innovative by applying business tehcnical knowledge, and providing teaching and learning experience through the integration of business and technology. FIM provides a dynamic, flexible climate with staff who are experts in their field and are committed to expend student knowledge, cultivate their innovative attitude and ethical behaviors and provide them with professional values, skills, and lifelong learning attitudes.



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